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More #trailhuntlies – this time in the national media

Several activists (including ourselves) are engaged in a bit of an online ‘debate’ at the moment with the National Trust about their granting of licences to ‘trail hunt’ on their land. Why? Because ‘trail hunting’, as we repeatedly state, is a lie. Thanks to the work of the Manchester Hunt Sabs, the incontrovertible evidence of wildlife crime by the York and Ainsty South Hunt and the disgraceful behaviour by hunt whipper-in Mark Poskitt while ‘trail hunting’ is now saved for posterity in the pages of the Daily Mail Online – and whatever anyone might feel about the Mail’s politics it does have a huge readership, many of whom are avowed ‘animal lovers’…

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Guest post | Sabbing the Un-glorious 12th

We’ve spent much of this week discussing the start of yet another six months of shooting grouse in the uplands. In one article we posted several images from Twitter uploaded by sabs groups, who appeared to have had a very successful day interrupting the killings. The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) have now posted a full series of images alongside an overview of their support for the various local groups who (in some cases) made long journies up to the moorlands. But what’s it like to sab a shoot? To walk up to armed men to stop them shooting the wild birds they’ve paid to kill? One of the sabs in the Peaks has written a guest post that answers just that…

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National Trust and Trail Hunting 101

‘Trail hunting’ was invented by hunts in response to the passing of the Hunting Act 2004 which outlawed the hunting of wild animals with dogs and is widely understood to be little more than a stop-gap allowing hunts to maintain their packs while they work for the repeal of the Act. ‘Trail hunting’ looks and sounds very much like a ‘traditional’ fox hunt. Why, asks Charlie Moores, does it matter that the National Trust supports it?

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