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Guest post | Sabbing the Un-glorious 12th

We’ve spent much of this week discussing the start of yet another six months of shooting grouse in the uplands. In one article we posted several images from Twitter uploaded by sabs groups, who appeared to have had a very successful day interrupting the killings. The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) have now posted a full series of images alongside an overview of their support for the various local groups who (in some cases) made long journies up to the moorlands. But what’s it like to sab a shoot? To walk up to armed men to stop them shooting the wild birds they’ve paid to kill? One of the sabs in the Peaks has written a guest post that answers just that…

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Conservative Manifesto and fox hunting

Boris Johnson launched the Conservatives’ general election Manifesto over the weekend. The focus was on spending plans and Brexit, but one line has seen significant comment from pro-wildlife campaigners. At the bottom of page 43 was the short statement: “We will make no changes to the Hunting Act”. What, asks Charlie Moores, would that mean in reality?

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