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Guest Post: Not our Tiddles!

“It’s that time of year when we look out the window and see birds building their nests. Some have already got young, we can hear the hungry cries of nestlings, and see the busy parents bringing back food for a nest full of gaping mouths. Soon baby birds will start to fledge, test their wings and leave the nest. Once out, a fledgeling is beset with danger. Owls, weasels, magpies, crows, foxes, and even rats will take and eat a baby bird, but of course cats are prolific, and arguably the least justifiable, bird hunters.” Guest post by campaigner, activist and cat-lover Emily Jones

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Guest post: Denise Goodfellow | Gamba Grass Control

“I first encountered Gamba grass about twenty years ago. The ramifications that this four metre high weed could have for fauna and flora were obvious. Gamba was rapidly spreading, transforming woodland into monotypic grassland by outcompeting native plants and fueling dangerous conflagrations. Vegetation that had evolved over aeons to carry cool fire died, from tiny grasses to the tallest stringybarks.” Guest post by Australian biologist Denise Goodfellow.

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Pauline Kidner | Grey Squirrels and the Invasive Alien Species Order 2019

In the eyes of the law, the Grey Squirrel is an invasive species which means that it is illegal to release one into the wild except under licence or allow it to escape after capture. And now the law is getting even tougher on them. Under legislation called the Invasive Alien Species (Enforcement and Permitting) Order 2019 release licences will no longer be issued to – for example – animal rescue centres. What does that mean on the ground to rescuers and carers, to vets, to the welfare of Grey Squirrels themselves (and they are sentient animals whatever your personal opinion of them might be)? Charlie Moores went to Secret World Wildlife Rescue to talk with its founder, Pauline Kidner,

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