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Decathlon’s war on wildlife?

A new petition has been launched asking French-based sports goods retailer Decathlon to stop promoting the slaughter of songbirds and migratory birds. In its first few days 44000+ people have signed it, including us, but it has raised some interesting questions that we think are worth discussing. It is an important test of what the UK public thinks about the sale of equipment to kill small birds like thrushes and it undoubtedly contributes to the larger debate about hunting and poaching. Kudos to Colin MacLennan for setting it up. Will it change how Decathlon operates though?

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Cyprus: massacre on migration

October. All across Europe hundreds of millions of birds are leaving their northern breeding grounds in woodlands, gardens, marshes, and mountains to escape the winter. Heading for their overwintering/non-breeding grounds in eg sub-Saharan Africa or India, huge numbers will die en route. Starvation, predators, bad weather all take a toll – but literally millions of birds will die in mist nets or will be shot out of the sky for fun.

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