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Britain’s National Parks – protecting Red Grouse for the guns

We have consistently described our national parks – supposedly the most important and most precious of our landscapes – as ‘so-called national parks’. We have said that because our ‘so-called national parks’ are – to a large extent – in fact managed not to conserve the magnificence of the Cairngorms, the Peak District, or the North York Moors, but to conserve grouse shooting (see, for example, Shooting in national parks from Dec 2019) And grouse shooting, as we’ve also consistently said – and as Luke Steele laid out in an interview we posted yesterday – is underpinned by wildlife crime (the extent of raptor persecution in our so-called national parks is shameful). is a pollutant, and is damaging land that could be key to the UK’s attempts to bring down its carbon emissions. What we’ve not had access to are figures that state exactly how much of our so-called national parks is given over to slaughtering wildlife, is covered in traps and snares, and run solely for the benefit of a tiny minority of shooters and their lobbyists. Now, though, Rewildling Britain (the charity set up to “expand the scale, quality and connectivity of our native habitats”) has produced research that does just that.

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Podcast: Dr Mark Avery | Minister for Upland Ecology (One Year On)

Dr Mark Avery is a conservationist, author, founding director of WildJustice, and a contributor to the People’s Manifesto for Wildlife as the Minister for Upland Ecology. Charlie Moores spoke with Mark in Buxton (on the edge of the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire) for the podcast series ‘The People’s Manifesto for Wildlife – Revisited’ the day before Hen Harrier Day 2019.

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