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Another poisoning in North Yorks?

A sparrowhawk has been found in Ryedale (North Yorks), according to local press reports “convulsing and clenching its talons” symptoms which would indicate poisoning. The dying bird was found in woodland near Kirkbymoorside in Ryedale, taken for veterinary care, but died a short time later. A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said: “…we want to make the community aware so they can take precautions to keep pets, children and themselves safe.” Haven’t we heard warnings exactly like that from the same police force only recently? Indeed we have, and that would be because of the ‘Nidderdale Cocktail’…

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North Yorkshire ‘black hole for raptors’ says Yorkshire Post

This is not what we’re used to seeing outside of the RSPB’s Bird Crime reports or the Raptor Persecution UK blog, but the Yorkshire Post (a daily broadsheet newspaper, published in Leeds and covering the whole of what used to be Yorkshire as well as parts of north Derbyshire and Lincolnshire) has just printed a list of SIXTEEN raptor persecution incidents from January 2018 to July 2020 under the heading ‘North Yorkshire – a black hole for raptors’.

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