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Petition | Vote of No Confidence in Jonathon Seed

Only ‘trolls’ are interested in talking about hunting, Mr Seed? No-one cares that you spent years and years chasing and killing wild animals while you were riding with the Avon Vale Hunt. Mr Seed? No-one doubts that you will be unbiased in your policing of so-called ‘trail hunting’, Mr Seed? No-one is concerned that a pro-hunt lobby group is raising funds to support pro-hunt candidates in the upcoming Police and Crime Commissioner elections, Mr Seed? Actually, it appears that many ordinary people are interested, do care, have doubts, and are concerned Mr Seed. Perhaps you’ve picked that up from local village forums, Mr Seed, which do appear to be somewhat hostile towards you? Or perhaps from the petition which is linked to below, which if nothing else has probably alerted you to the fact that even if you do win there will be MANY people watching your every move very, very carefully, Mr Seed.

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Wiltshire | PCC Candidate says only ‘trolls’ talk about hunting

Mr Seed has never been charged with any offence under the Hunting Act (and we’re certainly not suggesting otherwise) but he does appear to be getting very ticked off with questions about fox hunting. On the one hand you might say that’s fair enough – after all widespread illegal fox hunting in Wiltshire is just one of many, many crimes that a new PCC would be expected to deal with. On the other hand you might reasonably ask how a former hunt master who has called for repeal of the Hunting Act might (how can we put this) show some ‘unconscious bias’ when it comes to policing fox hunting? We’re not the only ones wondering that, judging by an article last week in ‘Devizine’, an online guide to What’s On in Wiltshire. Under a header which quotes Mr Seed saying that nobody wants to talk about hunting except ‘trolls’, reporter Darren Worrow underlines just how frustrated Mr Seed is getting that anyone should be remotely interested in his long history of killing wildlife while on horseback.

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Wiltshire | Hunting Office seeking to influence Police and Crime Commissioner elections?

According to a new website called ‘Hunting Leaks’ (which was set up to help instigate multiple GDPR claims against the Countryside Alliance, a fascinating story in itself and well worth reading), the Hunting Office (the infamous ‘leaking like a sieve’ hunting coordinators that developed a series of seminars designed to help fox hunts make themselves appear legitimate – fifteen years after the Hunting Act came into force) are apparently raising funds to influence outcomes in the forthcoming Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections. We know this because Hunting Leaks has provided a link to the minutes of a Hunting Office meeting where this was discussed last year. So what to make of the Hunting Office raising funds to help get people like, for example, Jonathon Seed into office? Mr Seed was until relatively recently the only candidate standing for the role of PCC in Wiltshire, a largely rural county with a large number of active fox hunts. Including the Avon Vale Hunt (which often hunt around Lacock in Wiltshire) – of which Mr Seed is a former huntmaster…

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