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Petition | Govt response to call to ban ‘trail hunting’

As expected, the government has responded to a petition asking for a ban on so-called ‘trail hunting’ by saying that there is no need to change the law because the law already bans fox hunting and allows so-called ‘trail hunting’ (which the government appears not to recognise as a smokescreen for illegal hunting). Does that we mean we should give up though? Absolutely not. Hunts are under enormous pressure right now from leaked webinars, councils banning hunts from their land, ‘trail hunting’ licences suspended by major landowners like the National Trust and Forestry Commission, and a financial crisis (because of lockdown stopping hunts collecting riding revenues) that hunts have never faced before. Hunts are reeling under a barrage of continuous scrutiny, online information, and their own stupid missteps. We may not actually need legislation changing in Parliament – by keeping the pressure on, we’re all helping illegal fox hunting to die a deserved ‘death by a thousand cuts’ anyway…

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Petition Response | “Change outdated laws to prevent forest felling when baby animals are in nests”

Like many other people we recently signed a petition asking the government to tighten up laws around tree felling to protect breeding / nesting wildlife. The government’s response is not exactly newsworthy – in essence, “no change needed” – but it does provide us all with a handy guide to wave under the noses of contractors we suspect might be breaking the law (unless those contractors work for HS2 who appear to have been granted licences to do pretty much whatever they like to whatever they like and seem immunised against any legitimate protest). As the government acknowledges in its response, “While illegal felling rates are relatively low, evidence suggests that they are increasing” – we all clearly need to be aware of the law and be prepared to challenge illegal work on hedges and trees whenever we see it taking place.

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Petition: Hunts and shoots should not be exempt from 6 person rule + Covid-19 restrictions

“Today it was announced that hunts and shoots will be exempt from the new 6 person rule. It still remains unclear whether this also means ‘trail hunts’ (fox hunts) are also exempt. ‘Trail hunting’ (fox hunting) is not on the approved list of ‘team sports’ and the restrictions on the outdoor activity of horse riding are very clear, any hunt that takes place with more than six people will be against the law. However, it would seem that hunts up and down the country will not allow the new law to prevent them from continuing ‘Autumn hunting’. According to a statement released by the Hunting Office, it is claimed that ‘Autumn Hunting is an organised outdoor activity and Hunts are operating within Covid-secure Guidelines.” Petition ‘Hunts and shoots should not be exempt from 6 person rule + Covid-19 restrictions’

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