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Common Decency Seven Years On

Some years ago, a website was published called ‘Common Decency’. The author wanted to show what life was like when a pheasant shoot you don’t want any part of starts up next door to your dream cottage. The noise, the disturbance, the hail of dying pheasants and lead shot falling into your new garden. As Charlie Moores writes, it all highlights the indfference of the shooting industry to the people it comes into contact with.

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Podcast: Mark Avery | The Common Pheasant

The Common Pheasant has become ubiquitous. They are everywhere, walking around fields or lying dead by the side of the road, painted on signs and cards or hanging by the throat in shop windows. Remarkably though, pheasants aren’t native to the UK: they’re introduced – they’re only here, and here in staggering numbers, because some people like to shoot them. Charlie Moores interviews Dr Mark Avery about what impact all those pheasants might be having.

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