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Quorn Hunt | Arrogant, utterly deluded, or both?

You know that lockdown thing that the vast majority of us have been so, so careful not to break – you know, because we don’t want to pass on a potentially deadly disease, because infection rates only come down if we accept that we’re all ‘in this together’, because it’s unquestionably the right thing to do, because very few of us think that the law doesn’t apply to us? Yes, that lockdown. Guess what…hunt masters at the ‘prestigious (though we would typically use ‘renowned’) Quorn Hunt appear to believe that absolutely none of that applies to them…How else to explain the utterly imbecilic behaviour of two of the Quorn’s hunt masters who got all dressed up to break lockdown and actually recorded themselves cheering on their hounds scrabbling around a foxhole or badger sett.

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