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World Animal Protection | #EndWildlifeTrade

Now, we have thought about this long and hard but we can’t find anything positive to say about wildlife trade. It is either theft of wildlife from its natural habitat or the confinement of captive-bred ‘wildlife’ for the rest of its largely unnatural life. It is emptying forests around the world (leaving huge areas silent and devoid of mammals and birds). It is at the root of major pandemics (SARS and Covid-19 appear to be directly traceable back to the wildlife trade). It is exterminating populations of animals many of us won’t have even heard of until relatively recently (the pangolin, Totoaba, Helmeted Hornbill for example). And what we’re doing to Lions is barely comprehensible…World Animal Protection is trying to put an end to wildlife trade and we’re happy to support them…

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Podcast: Richard Peirce | Lions, Bones, and Bullets

The Lion: King of the Jungle, the Big Beast, star of the Lion King, one of the world’s best known and best-loved animals – or perhaps more accurately a wild cat of the open plains whose population, according to a 2015 statement by the IUCN, has declined approximately 42% over the past 21 years, and the unwitting star of the chilling 2015 documentary ‘Blood Lions‘, which uncovered the realities of the multi-million dollar predator breeding and canned lion hunting industries in South Africa. From magnificent predators we have turned Lions into inbred animals farmed in miserable conditions across southern Africa, animals rented out to be cuddled by so-called ‘voluntourists’ then sold on to be shot in their enclosures by trophy hunters in canned hunts, animals whose bones are boiled down to service the demands of traditional Chinese medicine now that Tigers have been exploited to the point of extinction.

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