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Crowdfunder: Wild Justice – General Licences in Wales

Our favourite trio of ‘injustice fighters’ – Dr Mark Avery, Dr Ruth Tingay, and Chris Packham CBE aka Wild Justice (and if you don’t know what WJ is or what they do have a read of our write-up of their first birthday party) – have launched a Crowdfunder to challenge yet another poorly-written and scientifically illiterate piece of legislation in the courts. They’re again taking on the General Licences – this time in Wales.

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Happy Birthday Wild Justice

So, here we are, writes Charlie Moores. In a modern room in an historic building off Old Chancery Lane. We’re here to celebrate a year of Wild Justice (set up to ‘fight for wildlife’ by challenging legislation in the courts). They have lit a fire under prejudices and ‘traditions’ that are unfit for the twenty-first century. As Chris Packham says here in London, “We pick fights because we know that we’re right“. Every one of us that supports Wild Justice knows it too.

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