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Snared Audio Version | Chapters 01 – 08

Recently Charlie reviewed Bob Berzin’s new novel ‘Snared’ and loved it! As we also explained earlier, we’d offered to help produce an audio version. Now, we’re not professional ‘audiobook’ producers but with several hundred edited podcasts to our name we’ve got more than a little experience in cleaning sound up, listening out for (and correcting small stumbles), and outputting the files as an mp3 which anyone can download and listen to. Now, we know that a good many listeners loved the chapter we put online last week, so we figured that maybe putting the first eight chapters online – or just over 90 MINUTES of edited and lovingly curated audio – would help more listeners get the ‘Snared’ experience (and hopefully go on to buy the book of course).

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Bob Berzins’ ‘Snared’ – Audio version: Chapter One

This week we’ve posted twice about Bob Berzins’ new novel ‘Snared’. The first was a book review, the second a blog post by Bob himself. He asked what other ways there might be to help ‘Snared’ to reach a larger audience. What did we know about producing an audiobook for instance…? If you’ve someone who could read it, we could certainly help out with the editing, we said. I know just the man, he replied. And so a plan was hatched…

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Guest Post: Bob Berzins | ‘Snared’ – why it matters

“Prime Minister Harold Macmillan was photographed with a grouse shooting party in North Yorkshire on 19th August 1960. The location was Barden Moor, owned by the Duke of Devonshire and this was a typical scene for the ruling classes. This was just a few months after I was born and it’s taken nearly the whole of my lifetime for us to understand what grouse shooting is all about.” Guest Post by Bob Berzins

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