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Gamekeeping’s war on wildlife

The Moorland Monitors is a grassroots community network working to protect precious wildlife and habitat on the grouse shooting moors of the Peak District. On the 13th March they posted images on their Facebook page which showed tunnel traps designed to catch and kill Stoats. The photos caused an immediate reaction across social media, with questions being asked whether traps like these are legal and why weren’t the Peak District National Park authorities doing something about them. Reasonable questions which Charlie Moores does his best to answer…

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Fur Trapping in a UK National Park

The Hunt Investigation Team (HIT) – a highly skilled, specialist team with years of experience fighting animal abuse – have just posted details of their latest investigation: an expose of huge numbers of foxes being trapped and killed for their fur in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park by the UK’s self-styled ‘last fur trapper’ David Sneade. It’s a horrible story, writes Charlie Moores, but one that HIT deserve huge credit for uncovering.

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French government okays glue sticks

The French government has – again – okayed the hideous cruel and indiscriminate practice of trapping migratory birds using glue-sticks. And just have a read of how a ‘hunter’ justifies his selfish and mediaeval hobby: “It is no more cruel than anything else in my opinion…But maybe I see it through the eyes of love.” Yeah, nothing says ‘I love you’ more than luring small birds to sticky traps where they either die like flies stick to flypaper or are condemned to a cage and used to lure in more birds…

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