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Wildflower Alley – mature hedge wrecked

Yesterday we wrote a post looking at Nesting Birds and the Law. We wrote it because at this time of year there are often problems with developers/gardeners trimming or removing hedgerows that may contain nesting birds. Today, writes Charlie Moores, we received news of the destruction of a 40 foot mature hedge in Belfast’s award-winning Wildflower Alley…

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Podcast: Kate Bradbury | Minister of Urban Spaces One Year On

Kate Bradbury is an author, campaigner, and gardener. She is passionate about organic, wildlife-friendly gardening and brilliantly detailed her struggle to bring lfe back to a ‘decked, barren backyard’ in ‘The Bumblebee Flies Anyway’. She works tirelessly to inspire others to create better habitats for wildlife in their own gardens and outside spaces, and was the perfect choice to take on the role as Minister for Urban Spaces.

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