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NFU loses badger challenge

Remember back last year when the NFU took it upon themselves to launch a judicial review to challenge a decision to NOT cull badgers in Derbyshire? Even though the NFU threw their toys as far out of the pram as they could, a judge said they should pick them up again and toddle off home (maybe not in those exact words, but the meaning was clear: “the judicial review challenge was dismissed on all grounds”). Perhaps they should have tried to hire Leigh Day, their lawyers seem to be good at winning judicial reviews…

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Guest post | Badgering away: The Derbyshire badger cull campaign – stately homes, pro cull vets and judicial reviews.

‘It’s spring 2018 and the list of applications of interest for the 2019 badger cull has been released. Derbyshire is one of many counties on the list for the first time. Phone calls were already being made, messages sent and meetings arranged. The campaign unfolded over the next two years, reaching a climax in late summer 2019 when, with cages on the ground in the county and the killing ready to begin, a government directive was released stating the first year of culling in Derbyshire was to be put on hold until 2020.’ Guest post by Derbyshire Against The Cull

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Podcast: Badger Vaccination Symposium 2019

In April 2019 the UK’s first Badger Vaccination Symposium highlighted a non-lethal alternative to the government-sanctioned Badger Cull which had taken the lives of at least 67000 badgers by the end of 2018. Charlie Moores spoke with delegates after the event for this exclusive podcast with Debbie Bailey and Tim Birch of Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, Gail Weatherhead of the National Trust, Dominic Dyer CEO of the Badger Trust, and Professor Paul Lynch of Derby University.

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