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Mass vulture poisoning in West Africa

As many as a staggering 2,000 Hooded Vultures have died in Guinea-Bissau since 2019. This represents a loss of around 5% of the estimated national population of Hooded Vultures (put at around 43000 in 2018 surveys – a figure which represents around 22% of the entire global population). At least 200 of the vultures were beheaded, suggesting the body parts were harvested for ‘medicinal’ or ritual purposes…

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Dead and Dying | Old World Vultures 101

Vultures have a bit of a poor reputation. They’re often thought of as little more than dirty scavengers with ‘faces only a mother could love’, typically photographed with their heads stuck inside a corpse or fighting over dead or dying animals. The reality, though, is more nuanced. And, as Charlie Moores writes, they are now one of the most threatened groups of birds on the planet.

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