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Shooting industry plumbs the depths

Last week the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust posted a rather sober press-release about the EU’s ‘Historic vote to ban lead shot in wetlands’. The decision needs to be ratified by the EU Council, but the EU vote was, WWT said, choosing ‘health over poison’. Even hunters supported the move according to WWT. And why wouldn’t they, it’s an easy-win for them. Which brings us to Natural England’s favourite pro-shooting lobby group BASC…who have announced that they will in fact stand ‘against new EU restrictions on lead shot’…

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Killing wildfowl banned on Humber Estuary

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that the shooting industry is up in arms because the slaughter of wildfowl has been banned on one of the most important wetland sites in the UK – the Humber Estuary, the second largest coastal plain estuary in the UK, a Special Area of Conservation, a Special Protection Area (SPA) under the Habitats Regulations and considered an internationally important wetland under the Ramsar Convention. Still, how very dare they! Protect wildlife in areas specifically designated to protect wildlife? What is the world coming too…splutters no-one but a ‘wildfowler’

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Shooting and lead shot

There has been a ripple of news around a ‘decision’ that the shooting industry is planning to ban the use of lead shot. Well, ‘ban’ as in spending another five years of polluting the environment with a toxic product, poisoning waterbirds that pick up lead shot thinking it’s grit (many birds swallow grit to help grind fibrous food material in their gizzards), and ignoring the inconvenient fact that non-toxic alternatives exist and are widely used. However, Charlie Moores writes, we’ve been here before – and is this the issue we should be most concerned about anyway?

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