The War On Wildlife Podcast

Our wildlife is under attack like never before. In a twelve-part series hosted on iTunes, Lush podcaster and campaigner Charlie Moores and filmmaker and conservationist Ruth Peacey explore the concept of a ‘War on Wildlife’ with special guests and WoW Shorts (answers to the question, ‘What piece of advice would you give to help tackle the War On Wildlife?’) with activists, researchers, campaigners, and thought-leaders (many of which have been uploaded separately here)

Episode Three: ‘The Badger Cull – Bovine Tb – Vaccination – and you’re killing badgers to protect cows you say…?’ (October 9th 2019. Duration 01:03:00)

Episode Three looks at the NFU-driven and government sanctioned slaughter of badgers across large parts of England, human and bovine tuberculosis, the prospect for vaccination of badgers and cattle, and features WoW Shorts from both the former chief-executive of Gwent Wildlife Trust Julian Branscombe and its current chief-executive Ian Rappel.

Episode Two: ‘The Hunting Act and Fox Hunting – Weeds and Extremists – and you’re just exercising the hounds you say….’ (September 9th 2019. Duration 00:53:00)

Episode Two looks at the Hunting Act and illegal foxhunting (‘trail hunting’), value-based language (the language we use to evaluate nature such as weeds and pests and to marginalise campaigners), and features WoW Shorts from author and conservationist Gill lewis and thought-leader and speaker Mac Macartney.

Episode One:’The Inglorious 12th – Driven Shooting – Wild Justice – and how many pheasants did you say?’ (August 9th 2019. Duration 00:55:00)

Episode One looks at driven shooting and grouse moors, Hen Harriers and Hen Harrier Day, the campaigning organisation Wild Justice, and features WoW Shorts from presenter and conservationist Chris Packham and author and explorer Bruce Parry.